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Anonymous 09/14/20
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 08/04/20
Recommend: Yes

Jenia Rouser 02/18/19
Recommend: Yes
My Storage was Thieved and No One Even Cared
I've been at this storage facility for a number of months. The main benefit for me is the ability to linger/loiter/hangout/sleep whatever activity you want during their open hours. There is no restroom but there is access to an unlocked water spiket to fill up a bucket or two. In order to get all that, there is a trade off. You can hang out all you want but when they close and I'm not with me stuff it's free reign to whomever gets inside. Empty Attic Employees? onsite security helping themselves? I don't know, but I knew my things were touched and not by me and I'm 100 percent certain my unit was locked. I'm sure nothing will be done and I will get nothing back if all I got was a shrug of the shoulders from the office. They had to have peeled back the roof that's why I have a steady stream of water falling directl.y in front of my door. so much for video cameras. so much for safe and secure. so long to some personal items I will never see again due to no fault of my own.

Anonymous 03/01/18
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 03/21/17
Recommend: Yes
Great stuff, convenient location and drive-up access
Their stuff are always so friendly. I love how I can drive all the way to the door for my stuff. Price is reasonable.

Anonymous 03/11/17
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 02/06/17
Recommend: Yes
Outdoor convenience
Used this place back in 2014-2015 and looking to use it again. Enjoyed the convenience that i can drive my car right next to my unit. Unique access code, hours are good. If you can keep your boxes, storage bins'll be fine.

Taylor 04/27/16
Recommend: No
I pay $173 month for a storage unit here. There are spiders everywhere. All over the outside of the units and when I opened it, there were spiders running around on my stuff. I'm going to spray and bug bomb the unit before I try and move any of this stuff into my new house. I'm extremely disappointed and, frankly, grossed out. I'm torn between "I can't wait to get my stuff out of there" and "I need to set it all on fire". Spiders freak me out. And with this creepy sort of infestation, the price is much too high. I regret putting my stuff in here.

Elizabeth McDonnell 02/20/15
Recommend: Yes
I'm a huge fan of the Empty Attic. It's convenient, clean, the customer service is awesome and it's easy to get in and out of. I highly recommend The Empty Attic to anyone who needs a little help with storage!